of Ruth J Burroughs and other authors

Ruth J Burroughs is the editor and publisher of T-Rex Moon Magazine, or T-Rex Moonzine. The editors will pay 7 cents a word for new stories and poems, and 3 cents a word for reprints. This is the 2015 Halloween issue coming out a bit late in February 2016. With the exception of one story this issue is comprised of reprints.

To save money the artwork will be solely by me, Ruth. I am an award winning fine artist and hope you enjoy my scribbles and crossword puzzles.

T-Reggs is a female tyrannosaur and the mother icon of my T-Rex Moonzine magazine.

T-Rex Moon is looking for slush readers. Please contact the editors at T-Rex-Moon@outlook.com.

The next theme will be the Easter Bunny Rabbit as science fiction alien or otherworldly if your story tends toward fantasy. Until I can raise money for the next issue SUBMISSIONS are CLOSED.

Submissions guidelines coming soon.


Yours truly,



Ruth J. Burroughs

February 17th, 2016



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